My gender is a helicopter ๐Ÿš


True. Genders is simply spermcarriers or eggcarriers.


So, true about the genetics, but the mental illness aspect is inaccurate.


so true! people are just idiots who think that they just need to love their own sex, so they're just like... oh so I must really be the opposite gender... fricking idiots


there r two genders? ahmmmm ... eeehhh .. So explain about Pseudohermaphroditism , XXY, etc?


So, yes, you either have xx or xy chromosomes, but the mental illness aspect is only opinion. The cause of transgenderism is explained as a hormonal imbalances in the development of the fetus.


Ahm.. Ehhh.. And about Pseudohermaphroditism , XXY , huh?


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and you care, why? because you want to help? i doubt it. You just want to appear cute but mean at the same time. Go get a life


What about guys that wear girls panties ??


its still a guy. in girls panties.

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Unless they grow a new undiscovered sex organ, they still fall into the binary





i mean i disagree but whatever


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This was generated by someone with the mentality grace and apparent education level of the POTUS. And I mean the one about to be impeached for those who canโ€™t picture him as a POTUS. Grow up and read a little bit on the subject from experts in the field instead of learning your memes from a public restroom wall eh?


How to teach kids discrimination, very intelligent


Discrimination against who, asexual microorganisms?

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Teaching kids that male is male and female is female. Anything else is just a fabricated social abstract.


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