I’m very anxious for you to expound on this.


I wasn't going to, but since you asked...

LGB should be simple and straightforward. Some people are attracted to others of the same sex, as opposed to the opposite sex. Very easy to understand, only takes one sentence to explain.

Adding the T overcomplicates things. Now we have to talk about gender dysphoria, how some people believe they've been born into the wrong body, and all the procedures they have to undergo in order to more closely resemble the gender they identify as. Now we have to talk about whether a trans person should disclose the fact that they're trans to the people they date, and whether or not someone is transphobic for not necessarily being okay with dating a trans person. Now we have to talk about whether or not it's right for children to transition when they don't understand the full consequences of doing so and might actually end up regretting it when they're older.

Transexuality is very different from homosexuality, and I don't think it makes any sense to lump the two together. Conflating these two things, tying them together the way we as a society have, does nothing but overcomplicate the issue and cause more problems. I keep hearing about schools trying to teach kids about LGBT. It really shouldn't be that hard to teach kids that gay people exist. But since the acronym is LGBT, they feel they have to include trans in the lesson, and they just end up confusing the children with how complicated the subject is. That's just one example off the top of my head.

LGB needs to drop the T. The T can start its own community. As it is now, its presence does nothing but overcomplicate things for everyone else. And including it in the first place just doesn't make sense.


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